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  VoIP Telephony (Phone Test)
VoIP Telephony (Phone Test)
VoIP (Voice over IP) makes it possible to establish a telephone connection over the internet. IP terminals, IP gateways, IP echo canceller, IP networks as well as digital circuit multiplication equipment (DCME) have to be tested according to standards.
Test setup with HMS II.3, MFE VI.1, MFE VIII.1, MFE IX (optional), ACQUA, a SIP Server and a VoIP-capable phone as DUT
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Device under Test
IP Terminals, IP Gateways, IP Echo Cancellers, IP Networks, DCME
Relevant Standards
Available ACQUA Standards
- TIA-810
- TIA-920
- ITU-T G.168
- ITU-T P.340
- ETSI EG 201 377-2
- ITU-T G.122
- ITU-T G.131
- ETSI ES 202 737-740
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