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labO2 (Code 3731)
2-channel playback equalizer with Line outputs and USB interface, HEADlab-compatible
The output module labO2 allows realistic playback via high-quality subwoofers, excitation of shakers, and connection of additional devices. With the equalizer function, users can play back aurally accurate recordings with the correct equalization.
labO2 can be connected directly to a PC via USB or can be integrated in a    HEADlab system (in preparation). Operation is easy and intuitive, e.g. via the    ArtemiS suite software or via the built-in display with a rotary control switch.
For playback, HEAD acoustics offers the high-quality subwoofers    HSW II.1 and   HSW I with realistic sound balance particularly in the low-frequency range. Furthermore, it is possible to connect shakers, oscilloscopes, and sine generators, as well as conventional playback devices.
labO2 - Front and rear view
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